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Laser Welding Machine Sales


Want to repair dies/moulds yourself in-house? Buy our TURNKEY LASER WELDING SOLUTION that includes complete technology transfer, training, tech-support and shop supplies all under one-roof

What is Micro-Laser Welding

  • Not Cold Welding
  • Welding Can Be Done In Deep Cavities and Inaccessible Areas Where a TIG Torch Can’t Reach
  • Weld Deposits Are Same As Base Metal Such As H-13, H-21, H-11, P-20, S7, D2, M2, SS420, etc
  • Pass Over Pass Welding Possible to Build Large Thicknesses
  • Repairs Are Permanent. Not A Temporary Quick-Fix Solution
  • Deposits As Small As 100 Microns (0.1mm) Possible
  • Deposits Exhibit Same Hardness as Base Metal. No Further Heat Treatment Required.
  • Very Little Or No Heat Affected Zone Thereby No Weld Sink
  • Minimal Machining Required. Hand Finishing Sufficient On Most Occasions
  • Post Repair Tool Life Equals or Excels Original Tool Life

Problems with Implementing In-House Laser Welding

  • A Laser welding Machine Manufacturer Will Only Supply you With Equipment and teach you how to use the machine. Where will your operators gain the Technical support, techniques and secrets required to repair moulds and Precision Tools? What about wear factors, service life, metallurgical issues, etc.
  • Where will you source the Micro-wires and other consumables for Laser welding that you may require in Small Quantities?

Our Turnkey Laser Welding Solution

Precision Tooling Welding involves several things such as Equipment, Technical Know-how, Usage of Specialty Micro-weld Wires, Consumables, etc. Wintegral Puts This Puzzle Together for You.

We don’t just sell Welding Equipment. We offer a complete and affordable Turnkey Package for tooling/mould repair welding that includes all these under one-roof

Step 1: We supply low cost Mould Laser Welding Machine (We have several different Models to suit all your applications)

  • Is a Latest, Affordable Nd:YAG Laser Mould Welding Machine that can weld any type of tool steel including H13, P20, SS420. Non Ferrous Metals - Titanium, Beryllium Copper, Copper, Aluminum,
  • Is specially designed for Welding Precision Tools and Moulds with no restriction on Mould Weight
  • We have several different Models that can weld from small inserts to large 5 to 6 tons moulds. We will suggest the machine based on your applications
  • Is Equipped with Latest high-definition Microscope for best vision and weld Control
  • Has Precision Waveform Control and other user friendly features For Precision Welding
  • Is backed with efficient after-sales service support from our Bangalore facility

Laser Welding System Specifications

Laser Power                  180W
Laser Wave Length      1054nm
Single Pulse Energy     40J
Welding Depth             0.1 - 2 mm
Pulse Width                  0.3 – 20 ms
Welding Frequency     0.5 – 20 Hz
Spot Size                        0.2 – 2 mm
Laser Welding Wire    Φ0.2 – Φ0.5 mm
Power Consumption    ≤6KW
Worktable                     XY: Manual, Z: Electric
Positioning                   Microscope

Step 2: We extend Technical Know-How & Training

We are the first Full-Service Micro-welding Facility in India. We have experience welding thousands of precision Moulds and Die-tools in the last several years. Our expertise in Mould repair will ensure that

  • Your Operators are Systematically Trained in Micro-laser welding at our Facility in Bangalore
  • Your Operators are handed out a complete technical know-how and various secrets and techniques of precision tooling repair
  • You have an ever-present technical support. You can contact us any time with any of your difficult applications. In extreme cases we can even depute our expert technicians to perform a very critical repair

Step 3: We supply Micro Welding-Wires

  • Selecting Micro-wires for Laser Welding involves issues such as base metal chemistry, Size selection, Hardness Parameters, Tensile Properties, Post Weld requirements, etc.
    Allow Us to Solve This Problem For You
  • We supply all types of micro-weld wires that are compatible to weld on tool/mould steels such as H-13, P-20, SS-420, Beryllium Copper, M2, M42, etc in sizes between 120 Microns diameter to 1mm Diameter

Try out of our Free Sample Welding Service

Bring a Sample Tool/Mould/Insert for Trial Repair Absolutely Free and Test Ride the Benefits of Our Laser Welding System

What our Customers are saying
We recommend your process for mould industries who are time and cost conscious

Manager, Adept Polymers

I strongly recommend your welding services to all pressure die casting industries and tool room to save time and money

Director, KLN Loykasts

Your Turnkey Laser welding machine is very unique and has ensured we get everything under one roof

Manager, Nypro Forbes Products Pvt. Ltd.