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Get Dies/ Moulds Repair Welded

Our Job-shop is equipped with Laser Welding, Micro-Plasma Welding, Micro-GT, TIG Welding and Micro-cladding processes. We are constantly looking at adding latest and relevant deposition technologies for die/mould repair.

Size/Weight No Bar:

We repair moulds of any size, shape or weight, however large or small they may be.

How Does Our Job-Shop Work

  • STEP 1: Contact us with your die/mould welding repair requirement.
  • STEP 2: Fill up this TDSM Questionnaire and send it to us along with a Digital Photo of the tool or CAD Drawing, etc. (OR) Bring the tool to our facility with prior intimation
  • STEP 3: Our specially trained team will make a technical analysis of the repair and decide the most economical and fastest welding process to use
  • STEP 4: We will give you a quote and Also let you know approximate delivery times
  • STEP 5: We Begin repair after your approval
  • STEP 6: Inspection & Delivery (If you are an outstation customer we can send you pictures of the tool for inspection before dispatch on request)

Our 3 Point Service Philosophy:

We believe that a weld repair is complete only when all the following 3 points are achieved
  • Economical Repairs: Because of the many different welding processes we employ, you always have various pricing options. Saving you money is our primary goal
  • Timely Deliveries: We understand the importance of repair-time and its connection to production schedules. A very good repair can be completely useless if not delivered on time. Our team members bend over backwards to ensure timely deliveries and are especially trained to respond to your distress calls.
  • Best Workmanship and Quality: We use the highest grade Welding materials sourced from world renowned suppliers that ensure best in metallurgy and performance. Also, we strive hard to achieve superior workmanship for each and every repair. Matter of fact, our average welding defect rate is less than 1%


What our Customers are saying
We recommend your process for mould industries who are time and cost conscious

Manager, Adept Polymers

I strongly recommend your welding services to all pressure die casting industries and tool room to save time and money

Director, KLN Loykasts

Your Turnkey Laser welding machine is very unique and has ensured we get everything under one roof

Manager, Nypro Forbes Products Pvt. Ltd.