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Wintegral’s micro-welding is a culmination of art of welding and tool making. We have developed many unique and money saving applications. Several customer case studies indicate that Dies/moulds repaired by us have worked longer than the original tool. We have continuously engaged with die/mould makers and users to study wear factors, design, etc. and have developed special techniques for die/mould welding. Here are some of our solutions

Plastic Injection Moulding / Rubber Moulding

  • Wrong Machining correction
  • Flash Repair
  • Matching Texture
  • Welding on Mirror Polished Moulds
  • Thick Build up
  • Engraving Changes
  • Surface Wear
  • Gate Wear Out
  • Design Changes & Design Modifications

Pressure Die-Casting Die

  • Section Build Up
  • Nicks & Dents
  • Wrong Machining correction
  • Joining & Crack Repair
  • Gate Closure
  • Design Change
  • Micro cladding

Thermoset / Compression Moulds

  • High wear out of sharp edges


What our Customers are saying
We recommend your process for mould industries who are time and cost conscious

Manager, Adept Polymers

I strongly recommend your welding services to all pressure die casting industries and tool room to save time and money

Director, KLN Loykasts

Your Turnkey Laser welding machine is very unique and has ensured we get everything under one roof

Manager, Nypro Forbes Products Pvt. Ltd.